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March 22, 2018 3:56 PM EDT

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs cast, including Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum, are clamoring for the film to have more dog-friendly screenings.

The film, which has already had a few canine-included screenings in venues like San Francisco’s The Roxie Theater and Denver’s Sie Film Center, has a star-studded cast that is vocally advocating for furry friends to have access to the movie as well.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Bill Murray, who voices a dog named Boss, enthusiastically backed pooches in the theater.

“I think it’s a very good idea. I think it’s a great idea, as a matter of fact,” Murray said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of theaters had dog days. We have dog days at baseball parks, and it’s a huge hit. I think they should have dog days in the movie theater.”

Jeff Goldblum, who also voices a pup in the film and was spotted hanging out with a pup at the New York premiere of the film, was in hearty agreement, even offering his services in case a dog had an unexpected accident.

“I’ll come and clean up, too, if they make any mess,” he said. “Bring them in! We can’t get too close to dogs!”



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