March 13, 2018 2:10 AM EDT

In South Korea, two years of military service is obligatory for male citizens ages 18 to 35—even for K-pop superstars. But ever since G-Dragon, leader of the hit K-pop boy band Big Bang, enlisted on Feb. 27, his army unit has been overrun with fan mail, the Korea Times reports.

“G-Dragon is facing difficulties with fans sending too many letters to the unit,” wrote his management company, YG Entertainment, on social media channels. “Please refrain from sending letters and we will appreciate it.”

The fan mail has caused difficulties at the military camp where G Dragon is currently undergoing five weeks of basic training, and according to the Times the sheer volume of emails received has shut down the battalion server.

“Emails have to be printed out on paper to be distributed to the soldiers, but ink and A4 paper in the battalion have run out and G-Dragon feels sorry for his fellow soldiers there,” YG Entertainment said. “G-Dragon is thankful for his fans’ concern over his military duty. At the same time, he feels sorry he can’t read all the letters sent to him. But again, please consider the tricky situation G-Dragon faces.”

G-Dragon is serving in South Korea’s 3rd Infantry “Skeleton” Division stationed in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.

Fellow bandmates have also begun their mandatory military service, the Straits Times reports. Taeyang was conscripted on Monday, and Daesung was drafted on Tuesday.

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