February 21, 2018 2:30 PM EST

It’s the one ski everyone and their mother saw. Hungarian freeskier Elizabeth Swaney’s 2018 Winter Olympics run drew a strong reaction when she didn’t do any tricks like her competitors, but she says the tricks are coming.

If you missed it, during Monday’s ladies’ halfpipe qualification, Swaney made her Olympic debut — and exit — when she skied a run without getting fancy with any flips.

Her uniquely spare run captured the world’s attention online, where she transcended the highest hilltops of viral fame.

People were scratching their heads about how the No. 34-ranked Swaney — who got to the Olympics by competing in enough World Cup events over the years to make the cut — got to the PyeonChang games without mastering any judge-wowing snow trickery.

Not to worry though. She’ll have a few tricks up her sleeve soon. In fact, she’s been practicing in water.

“The goal has always been to incorporate those into the halfpipe. I’m just not comfortable landing the water tricks on snow yet. I’m just trying to figure out a way to cross that bridge,” she told TODAY on Wednesday.

But she did say she worked in some maneuvering on her second go around. “I actually did three tricks on my second run, two on the left wall, one on the right wall and a 360 at the end,” she continued.

And as for her critics? She offered some kind words of encouragement.

“I try to take every comment whether it’s positive or negative and try to build that into my life as something constructive that I can work on. I thank them for their time.” She continued. “I would just encourage positive vibes for everyone.”

Sound advice for us all.

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