Google Celebrates Day 17 of Doodle Snow Games

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Throughout the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, Google celebrated with a series of dynamic Google Doodles, dubbed the “Snow Games” — one for every day of the Winter Olympics. The Doodle Snow Games featured a sequence of animal-athletes competing for glory.

The 2018 Winter Olympics ran from Feb. 9 to 25 and saw more than 2,000 athletes representing 92 countries compete in more than 100 events, including first-time winter games teams from Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore.

Catch up on all of the Google Doodle Snow Games below:

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 17: February 25

Google Doodle

The end of Google’s ode to the 2018 Winter Olympics ended in a similar fashion as the Games themselves: with competitors from different walks of life celebrating as a fireworks display set off in the background. The final animation of Google Doodle’s “Snow Games” features Magpie the bird watching the Closing Ceremony, as well as the other animals who were featured in the animations throughout the Games cheering.

“Through it all, we’ve seen the animal kingdom celebrate their strengths and play mice together,” a description of the Google Doodle said. “Lions have become the pride of their hometowns, birds have flocked to see each other on the ice, and millipedes have plodded to PyeongChang to race with the best of them.”

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 16: February 24

Google Doodle

Octopus made history on day 16 of the Doodle Snow Games by landing free skating’s first-ever double-quad jump, “changing the tide of figure skating forever.” (All those legs come in handy.) Over at the judges’ table, Giant Squid was impressed enough to award an eight out of eight, while Gator was a little tougher to please, handing down a seven. But even that couldn’t stop Octopus from picking up the win.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 15: February 23

Google Doodle

The duck bobsled team is slated to compete on day 15 of the Doodle Snow Games. The squad is using an unconventional vehicle vehicle at the Games — a tree trunk — but they strap on their helmets and prepare to race downhill. Will they fit the bill or quack under pressure, Google ponders.

The action gets underway, but the ducks quickly prove they aren’t exactly naturals on the bobsled track. Their blade-less sleigh overturns, leaving the ducks buried in the snow and dreaming of better luck in four years.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 14: February 22

Google Doodle

Google takes to the ice on day 14 of the Doodle Snow Games, for a ferocious hockey match pitting furry cousins Squirrel and Chipmunk. The acorn hits the ice and the contest is underway!

Squirrel wins the faceoff and unleashes a slapshot loaded with tailspin. But Chipmunk is a tenacious goalie, and stands ready at the net, cheeks laden with previous pucks. Squirrel’s soars easily into Chipmunk’s waiting clutches. Another goal foiled!

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 13: February 21

Google Doodle

It’s day 13 of the Doogle Snow Games, and Google is down at the speed skating track. But the row of boots aren’t assembled for the whole field of competitors — they’re all for Millipede, “the fastest arthropod in any number of segments.” The speed skating legend says it takes hours to lace up, quadruple-knotting each skate with care to have the best shot of defeating arch rival Centipede, who he bested by just 1000th of a second at their last showdown.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 12: February 20

Google DoodleGoogle Doodle

After twelve days of the Snow Games, the competition gets off to a flying start with an interactive doodle of a plucky squirrel completing the ski jump. Flying Squirrel, who’s wearing a fetching pair of ski goggles, is watched by nervous spectators as he readies himself for the jump. He then kicks off from the slope and soars triumphantly into the air as the crowd cheers.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 11: February 19

Google kicks off the second week of the Winter Olympics with an interactive Doodle featuring a dung beetle. The bug pushes a giant snowball up the mountain, and when he reaches the top he stops and begins to zoom back down the slope. Chased by the snowball, the dung beetle swerves and accelerates downhill until he crosses the finish line where he’s greeted with applause.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 10: February 18

Google Doodle

After some rest this weekend, Sunday brings the rematch of the century: Hare versus Tortoise. The old rivals are competing for glory in cross-country skiing, a sport that “lacks hare-pin turns but tests the endurance of even the finest of athletes.”

To no one’s surprise, Hare takes off to an early lead, zipping down the track at a blistering 40 miles per hour. Tortoise, meanwhile, plods along, slow and steady, at .17 miles per hour. The race looks wrapped up, until Hare “turns on a lucky rabbit’s foot, and doubles back on the track ski-less,” putting the competitors neck and neck — and allowing them to cross the finish line together.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 9: February 17

Google Doodle

Google has kicked off Day 9 of the Doodle Snow Games with an ice hockey matchup between two cranes.

The two winged competitors face off on the ice until the puck disappears. But, no worries, a friendly fish pops up to return it, showing that even different species can work as a team.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 8: February 16

Google Doodle

After eight days of heated competition at the Google Snow Games, it’s time for the animal-athletes to take a break “to hot-dog and monkey around,” Google writes. “After all the action, it’s a pleasant pick-me-up for our doggone tired competitors.”

From the perch of the ski lift, where they’re enjoying a relaxing ascent to the top of the mountain, the animals enjoy a fireworks show to celebrate the Chinese New Year. For Dog, who’s been “pawsitively crushing it” in the competition, it’s a particularly sweet respite — this year is also the Year of the Dog. “Talk about a treat to start your year off right.”

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 7: February 15

Google Doodle

It’s Day 7 of the Google Snow Games, and competition takes a dive into the water for the biathlon, known as the “spit ‘n’ swim,” rather than the traditional cross-country ski ‘n’ shoot. Though Perch and Bass “came within spitting distance” of the gold, Google writes, ultimately it was the Archerfish who took the took prize, with perfect “fin-point accuracy.” It’s another accolade for the perennial favorite, which relies on firing fine streams of water to dislodge its prey from drier roosts. That natural ability came in handy today, as the Archerfish “tipped the scales” to claim victory.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 6: February 14

Google Doodle

“Day six of Google’s Doodle Snow Games is a special Valentine’s Day event — couple’s figure skating. A pair of Grebes, a freshwater diving bird native to South Korea, take to the ice for a passionate competition. The athletes — lovebirds since they were chicks — skate and twirl in perfect unison before a birds-eye-view reveals their routine’s finale: carving a heart in the lake surface to steal the gold and their audience’s hearts. “Birds of a feather skate together,” Google writes, “and these graceful Grebes have shown that two can be even better than one.”

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 5: February 13

Google Doodle

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 5 gets off to a slow start, with Raccoon Dog waking up late and taking a stroll outside. But before long, a snowy berm gives way and “surprise ‘slider'” Raccoon falls into action in the luge competition. “A sleek chute with hairpins and a 300-foot drop, the natural track is no match for this furry paw-ticipant,” Google writes, and Racoon Dog, a Korean native, slides into first in the luge, “the fastest sport on ice.”

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 4: February 12

The fourth day of the Google Doodle Snow Games is all about downhill snowboarding, with the athletes leaping right out of the gate to grab another gold. Elephant takes an early lead with a huge first jump, but Bear and Car are close behind as the team goes into the second jump past the rainbow skies. Armadillo pulls off some impressive moves, with Flying Squirrel catching serious altitude to glide past Penguin. Bringing up the rear, Turtle is wiped out by in a wave of fresh powder snow in the doodle.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 3: February 11


Google Doodle

A camouflaged polar bear is the star of Google Doodle Snow Games Day 3. Flying downhill on skis with no poles, the polar bear appears to blend into the snow behind him as he races to finish in the number one spot. “Deftly bear-reling down the slope, Polar Bear quipped, “Whew! It’s all downhill from here!'” the description of the Google Doodle notes. “After a stealthy win on the mountain, Polar Bear’s infectious glee can’t be camouflaged.”

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 2: February 10

Google Snow Games
Google Doodle

With competitions in full swing, Google Doodle Snow Games Day 2 throws a turtle straight into the action. Turtle slowly plods his way down a snow bank, before gingerly stepping onto the ice and sliding his way into curling victory — by standing in for the stone. “I put my own spin on a classic technique,” Turtle says of his Google Doodle Snow Games performance.

Google Doodle Snow Games Day 1: February 9

Google Doodle

Google’s Snow Games Day 1 doodle festivities kicked off with a magpie, a good luck symbol in Korea, alighting on the Google logo before a stiff winter wind blows in an icy frost. The Google Snow Games are then underway, with a penguin swiftly sledding downhill, ski-jumping dogs and a figure skating snake leaping into a “single-footed triple-axel.”

Google’s Snow Games Day 1 doodle is the first in a series of 17 from Google’s team of Doodle Snow Games developers.



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