Ann Curry
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January 25, 2018 6:50 AM EST

Ann Curry’s broadcast-news soap opera story reads like a dispatch from a more unfair era. Bounced in 2012 from her hard-earned seat on NBC’s Today show due to a perceived lack of chemistry with her now deposed co-anchor, Matt Lauer, Curry has become a potent symbol of an ambitious woman dealt a cruel hand by the men who controlled her fate. Perhaps worse, her place in the public imagination came to overshadow her work as a journalist.

In her new PBS series, We’ll Meet Again, Curry finds her comeback–one that’s all the sweeter for how potently it utilizes her strengths. What on Today may have read as an unhip bleeding heart seems, here, like precisely what’s needed. Curry works to reunite victims of historical trauma with those who helped them, the sort of human-interest story that most morning TV has forsaken in favor of chasing sensation. Instead, We’ll Meet Again is guided by Curry’s low-key, steady presence–one that’s finally allowed to shine on its own.

We’ll Meet Again airs on PBS on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. E.T.

This appears in the February 05, 2018 issue of TIME.

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