James Corden’s ‘Melania Trump’ Just Wants to Be a Part of Your World in This Little Mermaid Parody

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James Corden put his famous skills as a vocalist to good use on Thursday night when he channeled Melania Trump in a hilarious parody of The Little Mermaid, a pairing that might seem unorthodox but is actually quite fitting when you give Corden’s D.C.-themed reimagining of the classic “Part of Your World” ballad.

While the real-life Melania and the fictional Ariel may not appear to be similar, the First Lady and the fairy tale mermaid have things in common in the satire. Corden’s Melania sings from the gilded confines of her bedroom, where she wonders what a world outside of the White House would look like.

“With Secret Service you don’t get too far/Heels make it hard for jumpin’, escaping,” Corden as Melania sang. “Fleeing along down a — what’s that word again? Street/Out where they walk, out where they run, out where they don’t collude with Russians/Wandering free, wish I could be, part of that world.”

The digs at the Trump administration were sprinkled liberally throughout, but one of the most notable was when Corden’s Trump warbles that “Betcha out there, they understand that they can’t seduce their daughters,” an on-the-nose reference to Trump’s notorious comment.

Watch the full clip below.

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