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January 17, 2018 4:30 PM EST

Being loyal is a trait that’s long been associated with dogs, but an intrepid pup named Rusty took it to the next level, embarking on a Homeward Bound-style expedition by hitchhiking more than 900 miles across Australia after the pet’s family went on vacation without their pet.

According to 7 News Adelaide, the three-year-old terrier traveled all the way from Goondiwindi in Queensland to Snowtown in South Australia, hitchhiking across the country by stowing away in the back of a truck on the highway. While Rusty is still in Snowtown, waiting to head back to Queensland to its family, this isn’t the first time that the pup has ventured out; according to the family, Rusty took another trek the last time they vacationed, but only made it about 160 miles away from home.

Watch Rusty’s epic trip below.

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