Seth Meyers Makes a Few Additions to That Reported List of Banned CDC Words

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In the wake of a Washington Post report that President Donald Trump’s administration is barring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from using seven words in next year’s budget documents, Seth Meyers tacked on a few additional terms

During Tuesday’s episode of Late Night, the host joked that the list of CDC banned words — which reportedly includes “transgender,” “fetus” and “diversity” — had been expanded to cover a whole new set of vocabulary.

“Those aren’t the only words the Trump administration wants to replace,” he said. “From now on, coal will be referred to as patriot rocks, McDonald’s Happy Meals will be called big boy food, neo-Nazis will be called fun time torch boys, the Civil War will be referred to as the War of Good People on Both Sides, Hillary Clinton will be referred to as Prisoner #92753.”

Watch Meyers reveal his full list of banned words — and their replacement terms — in the clip below.

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