This Picture of a Disgruntled Child is Winning the Internet Right Now

2 minute read

Move over, Grumpy Cat, the internet may have a new favorite Grouch in Chief.

Reddit user wrud4d posted a photo of her “friend’s boyfriend” back when he was in kindergarten and had to sit for a class photo. He was apparently incredibly dissatisfied with the very thought of having his photo taken, or had been watching a lot of Oscar the Grouch, or was just ticked off at the state of his world in general resulting in a serious scowl. Whatever the reason, the result is a photo that may capture the grumpiest kindergarten ever to exist. His frown is so deeply etched and undeniably fierce, that he manages to make Grumpy Cat look practically friendly.

The photo has already garnered more than 800 comments from Reddit users. While many of us have school photos that we would prefer vanish into the ether—or at least the bottom of a junk drawer—this boy’s parents allegedly display the framed picture in their house, presumably with an overwhelming sense of pride at their young meme-in-the-making.

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