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How You Can Use Amazon Prime to Help People in Need this Holiday Season

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Amazon Prime‘s same-day delivery service makes all of our lives that much easier, but what if we used its convenience to help those in need this holiday season? That’s the question posed by video creative Rob Bliss, who made a clip that tested out how Amazon and Amazon Prime can be used in real time to help someone who’s homeless and in need of resources.

In the video, Bliss speaks with homeless individuals and asks them what they need this holiday season; the answers range from socks and shoes to water and long johns. When it comes to delivery, he inputs their address on the street and includes their name and a description of them so that the Prime couriers can deliver the package directly to the individuals. It’s an idea that’s so easily and efficiently accomplished, it makes you wonder why courier services haven’t utilized this before.

Bliss does note that this isn’t sponsored by or associated with Amazon or Amazon Prime, although he does hope that they’ll see his video and give to those in need. He also lists the most requested items for many this holiday season: socks, backpacks, sleeping bags, underwear, water, hygiene kits.

Watch the full video below.

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