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The Internet Is Convinced Mariah Carey Has an Invisible Chair in This Magical Photo

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It’s finally December which means that it’s officially the season to play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” shamelessly on loop. For her fan base the Lambily, however, it appears that the spirit of the holiday season has manifested itself in some seeming on-stage magic for their festive queen, undisputed queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey.

In a video of Carey performing at a concert that surfaced on Friday, the Elusive Chanteuse graciously signs autographs for her loyal fans while appearing to sit on nothing but thin air, prompting a slew of speculation online about how she could sit without a chair.

The Internet soon divulged into a hot debate about how Mimi was able to sit, ranging from very strong thigh muscles (probable) to the presence of an invisible chair (also not outside of the realm of possibility when you consider MC’s iconic MTV Cribs episode); however, most fans were convinced that it was the magic of the holiday season that gave Mariah the ability to sit without a chair. Read the most vocal responses below.

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