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Donald Trump Didn’t Notice When Shinzo Abe Took a Tumble on the Golf Course

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President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hit the golf course this week, during Trump’s tour of Asia. While the two world leaders took a break from trade negotiations to play a few holes, Abe took a tumble—and Trump didn’t even notice.

The Prime Minister had climbed into one of the course’s sand traps to try and chip his ball back onto the green. However, when he attempted to climb out of the bunker, he appears to slip, taking a spill that resulted in a not-quite-Olympics-worthy gymnastics routine. Luckily, it looks like he emerged from the sand trap unharmed.

Trump, who appears to have had his back to the Prime Minster at the time, completely missed the slapstick tableau of the leader tumbling feet over head into the sand. Unfortunately for him, the entire klutzy slip-and-fall was captured on camera by a circling Japanese news helicopter and broadcast to Japanese television—and the world.

Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jiping had fewer visual gags, but was perhaps more newsworthy.

Watch below.

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