Hershey Has a Weird New Candy Bar and People Can’t Figure Out How to Eat It

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How to Eat the Gold Hershey Bar

To mark the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Hershey unleashed its first new candy bar in twenty years, a chocolate-free bar made of “caramelized creme” studded with salty pretzels and crunchy peanuts. It’s not available until December 1st, but that didn’t stop redditors from sinking their teeth into pressing questions about how best to snap off and split the new interlocking pieces of the “needlessly complex” bar.

Potlucks Around the World

Guests shine at American potluck dinner by bringing a hodgepodge of favorite homemade dishes like casseroles or pie. So what are the most popular crowd-pleasers that people in other countries bring to potlucks? People from many different corners of the Earth got down to sharing their go-to offerings — from sausage fruits in Taiwan to pineapple upside-down cake in the Bahamas.


Thanksgiving Stuffing Ideas

Reddit’s already getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, swapping recipes for the holiday feast and war stories from the their kitchens There’s one thing everyone wants to talk about: the perfect stuffing. People traded recipe ideas for bread and cornbread varieties in the Cooking subreddit’s American Thanksgiving Megathread, which is just as comprehensive as it sounds.

The Great (Sweet) Potato

Some people discover signs of intelligent life in space. Others look no further than their backyard. That’s what this dad did when he unearthed a sweet potato enormous enough to feed a track team, and you better believe redditors had cooking ideas to tackle it.

Teeny tiny popcorn

On the much smaller side, a mother popped the teeniest tiniest popcorn you’ve ever seen. One redditor recommended it as a strong contender for the subreddit /r/thingsforants, where people have fun posting very small stuff, fit for ants, inspired by the famous scene in Zoolander.


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