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Here Are the Stranger Things Theories the Internet Is Obsessing Over

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After Redditors binged through Stranger Things’ second season, Reddit was buzzing with fan theories about everything from The Upside Down to the show’s martyr Bob.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things.

Could Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) be a much more major player in The Upside Down’s origin story?

The endlessly mysterious Netflix series appears to present that Eleven, the powerful test subject snatched from Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins) in the massive Hawkins Laboratory cover up, simply opened the portal to the Upside Down with her mind. But one superfan put forth the theory that Eleven actually created it.

Stranger ThingsTina Rowden/Netflix

Is there a fungus among us?

Another took a scientific approach to theorize why the monster is able to spread. According to them, it’s actually fungi. Easy peasy.

Stranger ThingsCourtesy Netflix

Is Stephen King casting an even wider show on this show than fans thought?

Or is it all just Stephen King’s world and Stranger Things is living in it? This fan thinks the show fits nicely into the larger universe the famed author built. It would certainly be a way for Matt and Ross Duffer to pay one of their biggest influences the ultimate compliment.

Stranger ThingsCourtesy Netflix

Has Bob (Sean Astin) been punking us this whole time with his nice guy act?

If you want to see Bob alive again, this theorist believes Bob will be back, making the case that he’s actually an evil vampire who masterminded season two’s worst outcomes. If you take the fan for their word, maybe Bob the superhero doesn’t look so super after all.

Stranger ThingsCourtesy Netflix

Stranger than fiction

A scary story like Stranger Things gets to skip the facts and go for the most out of this world myth. But that doesn’t mean people don’t crave a wacky true story. This week redditors got talking on r/AskReddit after redditor massdebate159 asked the question “what urban legend is actually true?”


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