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Someone Miraculously Turned Your Favorite Meme Into the Funniest Halloween Costume

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For Halloween, some turn to the classics for costume inspiration: timeless superheroes, traditionally scary villains, easily recognizable characters from parts of our collective cultural canon. Others turn to the zeitgeist.

That was certainly the case for Twitter user Chase Mitchell, who — along with two partners in costumed crime — decided to dress up as one of the year’s most viral meme sensations. The meme of a “distracted boyfriend” was originally a stock photo of a man checking out another woman. Online, many co-opted the image to represent other forms of seeking out a different option, with jokes abounding. This Halloween trio took it a step further, going exceptionally meta with their approach.

“Meme costumes age well, right,” Mitchell captioned wryly.

Impressive as it is, there is an issue with this particular costume, as one Twitter commenter noted.

These three were not alone in their choice of holiday finery, however. One woman went as far as to wear the picture all night — making it a solo costume.

While others replicated the three-person situation.


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