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What Are the Worst Financial Decisions You Can Make? Here’s What People Are Saying

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TIME’s new weekly roundup brings you the best and most surprising things happening on Reddit:

The Absolute Worst Financial Decisions

Redditors got down to sharing their own worst financial decisions and ill-advised spending moves made by others in response to this conversation-starting question: What screams “I make terrible financial decisions!”?

Word to the wise: steer clear of 24-carat gold-plated playing cards, too many luxury shopping trips, endless video game loot boxes, and bankrolling your significant other’s life after they get laid off (especially if they’re about to dump you).

A Reddit proposal.

Over in the wedding planning subreddit, user cjfb62 shared that she met “the one” in a Reddit chat room. She told the community: “We have a lot of mutual friends from Reddit so it’s not a secret. But we met in person at a bar trivia event so I also say that sometimes. So many people meet on the Internet these days!”

Love on Reddit is trending pretty hard this week. Young adult author John Green fulfilled a fan’s bold request to help him pop the question during his AMA.

Sleeping Like a Baby for 300 Days Is Actually Not Boring At All

One enterprising user quantified his baby’s sleep for a year, constructing quite the comprehensive database computer-assisted design software for the Data Is Beautiful subreddit. Andrew Elliott created a companion visual to illustrate his baby’s sleep cycles.

Andrew Elliott

Light up anything you want Stranger Things-style

One of the most iconic aspects of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things is the colorful Christmas light-bedecked alphabet wall Joyce (Winona Ryder) used to communicate with Will (Noah Schnapp) in a parallel dimension.

Ahead of the show’s return on Friday, Caleb Kussmaul created an site that lets you Strange-ify whatever you’d like onto his wall — and invited redditors to “do your worst.”

The ultimate guide to choosing a first date spot

Have you ever stressed out about where to have a first date? Chart-maker Matt Shirley has a solution: the first date location pro and con list. There’s a compelling upside — equally persuasive downside to each meeting place.

Matt Shirley


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