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The Internet’s New Best Friend Is a Hedgehog Who Loves to Camp

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Meet Azuki, the pygmy hedgehog in Japan who has captured the hearts, eyes and social media likes of thousands of fans, thanks to his — and his owner’s — keen sense of outdoorsy aesthetics and penchant for relaxing yet adventurous photo shoot setups.

On any given day, you can find photos of Azuki posted up in a mini-sized wilderness setting, building a fire, hanging in a hedgehog-appropriate tent or grilling some snacks. When indoors, Azuki might be playing Disney dress-up or snuggling in some furry blankets. The rotund little hedgehog — who is smaller than a human hand, based on the pictures — seems to have quite a luxe life, assuming that he enjoys his modeling career. It doesn’t look too bad.

While hedgehogs may not yet be a mainstream pet in the style of hamsters, guinea pigs or the ever-popular cat in the U.S., they’re already beloved enough mammals in Japan to merit their own Tokyo cafe for visitors, which opened last year. Hedgehogs may be prickly, but they’re not porcupines — and pets like Azuki prove they can have some serious social media cred, too.

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