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Kellyanne Conway Said She’s ‘Never Uttered’ the Words ‘Fake News.’ She Has

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The same morning that President Trump tweeted again about “fake news,” one of his top advisors said she never uses the term.

Speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit Wednesday morning, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway said she does not treat the press as an enemy and does not use the term “fake news.”

“I’m a person in the West Wing who has actually never uttered the word ‘fake news,’ ‘enemy of the people,’ ‘opposition party,’” she said. “I don’t speak that way.”

Instead, Conway said that she shares her concerns that the news media doesn’t cover Trump “fully and fairly.”

“What I’m concerned about is that this president, and I hear this from people who did not vote for him and from people who don’t always cover him fully and fairly either, but there is a concern that they literally have never seen a president covered this way,” she said, arguing his tweets about policy get less coverage than his bombastic ones. “My grievance is never about fake news. I talk about incomplete coverage.”

While she does not use the term often, Conway has said “fake news” on some occasions. In November, she tweeted approvingly about a profile of herself, saying it was “the facts” after “a day of FAKE news.”

And in December, she told CNN that “the biggest piece of fake news in this election was that Donald J. Trump couldn’t win.”

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