Halloween News Bloopers Are Both Hilarious and Frightening

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: When local news teams get tricked and we get the treats.

Imagine that you’re an anchor doing a live broadcast from the comfort of your local television studio and just trying to report the news, when suddenly a giant spider drops from the ceiling on to the desk. Of course, you would jump and possibly scream, only to realize it was a joke, and then to remember that you’re live on the air and your reaction has been broadcast to the entire world. (Unless you’re this reporter, then a spider is nothing to blink at.)

Thanks to YouTube channel, News Be Funny, viewers get to watch that entire cavalcade of emotions plays out over and over again in this compilation of Halloween pranks that plague the sets of local news outlets across the U.S. each October.

Grab some fun-sized treats and watch as news anchors and on-location reporters suffer through Halloween-themed tricks and scares and we get to sit back and laugh at the resulting bloopers.

Watch below.

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