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Will Congress Act on Bump Stocks?

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After Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are increasingly coalescing around doing what seems to be the bare minimum after the attack — legislating against the devices used by the shooter to fire bullets at a rate of 400-600 rounds per minute. The so-called “bump stocks” are easily available online, can be attached to a rifle in minutes, effectively turning a legal semiautomatic weapon into a technically legal, functionally automatic one. The devices are designed to skirt heavy federal regulations on automatic rifles.

Democrats have already introduced legislation to ban the modifications, and Republicans are increasingly indicating they might take action. The wild cards are the NRA, which has proven to be a potent political force backing the Republican Party and has generally opposed even the slightest efforts at tightening gun regulation, and President Trump. It would take Trump’s signature, and most likely his leadership as well, to take action. Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Trump wouldn’t discuss gun control in the aftermath of the shooting. But with more details emerging by the day as to how one man killed to many, so quickly, White House officials believe Trump may be ready to break his silence soon. Of course, banning bump stocks would not have prevented Sunday’s attack — or attacks going forward — but had it been in place, could have limited the bloodshed. Taking some action could prove to be a political boon to Trump as well, providing him an opportunity score a bipartisan win on an issue nearly all Americans can agree on.

Tillerson’s pain. Corker speaks his mind. And investigators still haven’t ruled out collusion.

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