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The Internet Dug Up the Song Behind That Enthusiastic Michael Jackson Reaction

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The internet has just unearthed what might be one of Michael Jackson’s favorite songs and if there wasn’t video evidence to back it up, it would be hard to believe.

In a recently-surfaced clip that is making its way around Twitter, Jackson is sitting in the audience of his 30th Anniversary concert with Macaulay Culkin and Liz Taylor, naturally. On the stage at Madison Square Garden are singers Shaggy and Rikrok performing their hit song, “It Wasn’t Me”. It’s a raunchy wild ride of a tune that tells the cautionary tale with Rikrok playing a foolish man who was caught “creeping with the girl next door” after forgetting he gave his girlfriend his extra key. In the chorus, Shaggy provides some sage advice for navigating the situation, suggesting that his young friend simply pretend it wasn’t him—even though it clearly was him she saw on the counter, the sofa, and the bathroom floor.

The fun really starts, though, when Shaggy pauses the performance, takes the microphone, climbs on a speaker, and asks Jackson—the King of Pop himself—to join in because he has heard that this is one of Jackson’s favorite tunes. Jackson instantly confirms this with a nod and a smile. (This was not the weirdest moment at the concert, which was full of weird moments, like Marlon Brando showing up to lecture everyone.)

Jackson’s love of the song even took Shaggy by surprise. Back in 2013, he told Hot Morning Crew radio program about what it was like meeting Jackson. “[W]e had a conversation, because ‘Wasn’t Me’ was one of his favorite songs, and he says to me ‘So Shaggy, did you write that song?’ and I said ‘Yeah.’ And he said ‘That sounds like something I would write.’ And I said ‘So you be bangin’, huh?’”

So there’s no denying it—the King of Pop absolutely loved “It Wasn’t Me.”

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