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How President Trump’s Iran Criticism Affects North Korea

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President Trump teased Wednesday that he has reached a conclusion on whether to re-certify the Iran nuclear accord, which he has been blasting since his time as a candidate. Trump faces an October deadline to affirm Iran’s compliance with the letter of the agreement, and he told reporters that he has made a decision about what to do. The stakes are high not just for the immediate region, but for the world. The nuclear agreement, which Trump and GOP critics have called a bad deal, allowed Iran to continue its destabilizing activities in the region, but the Obama-reached accord is also viewed as a model for a potential North Korean disarmament pact. Efforts to undermine the Iran deal, when domestic and international monitors concur that Iran has not violated the letter of the agreement, could only make it harder to reach one on the Korean peninsula.

Senators are continuing their last-ditch effort to repeal-and-replace Obamacare, but are coming up against the uncertainty in a bill they are still struggling to understand. Some Republican governors are speaking out against the legislation, and lawmakers themselves are offering contradictory answers about what the Graham-Cassidy legislation would accomplish short of fulfill their longstanding campaign pledges to voters.

Trump’s HHS Secretary comes under fire for private travel. How Trump’s speech gave Kim what he wanted. And a look at The Wall.

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Sound Off

“I have decided.” — President Trump Wednesday when asked about the future of the Iran nuclear deal

“This is the moment. Now is the time. We have 12 days.” —Vice President Mike Pence Tuesday on Graham-Cassidy

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