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Anthony Bourdain Reveals the Most Annoying Thing You Can Do at the Airport

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Television personality, chef, and author Anthony Bourdain spends a lot of his life passing through airports. He also has a lot of strong opinions. Therefore it only makes sense that he has a few sharp words reserved for the people he encounters while in transit.

In an interview last week, Bourdain told Travel + Leisure that his top pet peeve at the airport is “people who are not ready for the x-ray machine.”

“They said no liquids and gels, motherf—ker. You know? Come on!” he bemoaned.

His irritation also extends to the people who “have bangles and jewelry and have dressed up even though they’re going to have to go through a metal detector.”

For Bourdain, the frustration doesn’t stop at the gate. He also called out “people who insist on bringing maximum stuff onto the plane and jamming it into the overhead, which takes 10 minutes.”

But Bourdain admitted that he his is unlikely to ever react to, or even call out, the bad behavior he sees at the airport.

“I’m pretty good at just pulling the plug at this point, like a recidivist criminal,” Bourdain said. “They say that when people who have served a lot of jail time are arrested, they generally don’t resist. They go limp. I’m like that, too. I don’t get angry, I don’t tap my feet, I don’t huff and puff or glare at people.”

And it’s unlikely that Bourdain’s travel schedule will slow down anytime soon. A new season of “Parts Unknown” will premiere on CNN on Sunday, October 1. This season, Bourdain will visit Singapore, the French Alps, Nigeria, Pittsburgh, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Seattle, and southern Italy — a place Bourdain is considering for retirement, despite the “dangerous” carbs.

This article originally appeared on TravelandLeisure.com

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