Viral Woman Learns the Hard Way Not to Paint Her Face Pink

1 minute read

A woman has learned not to have too much fun with a bottle of poster paint.

Twitter user @LeleTill covered her entire face in pink glitter poster paint, because the label on the bottle said that it “washes easily off of skin.” Turns out that poster paint and face paint are simply not the same thing. The woman, known as Leah, painted her face in pink glitter for fun, but when she tried to wash the Palmer Paint Products stuff off, the pink hue remained.

People on the internet were not exactly overflowing with sympathy for the woman.
In fact, Twitter users were far from understanding about the woman’s issue. They even took to social media to remind the woman that the painting your entire face with a product labeled as poster paint—and not face paint—is perhaps more of a lapse in judgment than a labeling error.

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