Madonna Struggles to Convince FedEx That She Is Actually Madonna

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Even Madonna has difficulty getting her packages delivered. At least it appears that way according to a recent tweet from the one-name-only pop icon, who updated her followers on Tuesday regarding her struggles getting FedEx to believe she was, indeed, that Madonna, of “B-tch I’m Madonna” fame. Ironic.

“When you’ve been arguing with fed-ex [sic] all week that you really are Madonna and they still won’t release your package,” the Rebel Heart singer captioned the tweet, uploading a bespectacled selfie in which she makes a distinctly exasperated face. She added an eye-roll emoji to the tweet for good measure.

Apparently, the tweet caught the attention of a FedEx Help representative named Julie, who politely requested in a Twitter comment that Madonna slide into the FedEx Help account’s DMs.

But some of Madonna’s followers were skeptical of this “Julie.” After all, Madonna’s delivery information and phone number are not pieces of information to be shared lightly.

Luckily, her fans are supporting her in her moment of relatable struggle. Which just goes to show: not even iconic celebrities can get a package delivered on time — although sometimes those challenges stem from that same celebrity status.

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