Sarah Jessica Parker’s Eclipse Enthusiasm Is Absolutely Unparalleled

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On Monday, actor and ultimate eclipse enthusiast Sarah Jessica Parker posted a series of short videos from a jaunt down to South Carolina to watch the total solar eclipse within the path of totality. Her utter excitement about the astronomical event shows her followers just what it’s like to truly let your guard down on social media and allow your inner geek to rule your feed.

The videos start serenely enough, with the former Sex and the City star sharing some footage from a windswept boat in the middle of a lake, the sky scattered with clouds. In the second post, things start heating up as she notices a “chip out” in the “corner” of the sun.

“This may be one of the most thrilling moments of my life, outside of course having my children and marriage and all that,” she says offhand. “Wow.”

By the third video, Parker’s sheer awe has taken over.

“Oh my God, this is the most spectacular light I’ve ever seen,” she says of her surroundings — which have turned an eerie shade of yellow. “It doesn’t make any sense. It’s happening, you guys, it’s happening!” She continues, as her husband Matthew Broderick and kids comment from off-camera about the corona appearing: “Oh my God! I wish you all were here. Oh, lightning — this is the most spectacular, unimaginably perfect, beautiful, ridiculous…”

In her final post, Parker is humbled by the experience, whispering reverentially to her camera.

“We did it. We made it. Oh my God. We saw it. It’s so humbling. It’s so… extraordinary.” Re-live her complete eclipse experience in her posts below.

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