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This Week in Motto: The Bully at Work

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When The Atlantic published a piece titled “Why Do Women Bully Each Other At Work?” the Internet responded, as it tends to do. On Motto and Medium, Gloria Feldt answered with a rebuttal and the hashtag #sistercourage, arguing that there is no way women bully other women more than men bully us.

“In reality, humans in power in general bully other humans who have less power — and that means women are considerably less likely to bully either women or men,” writes the former Planned Parenthood CEO. “In fact, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute which studies the phenomenon regularly, 69% of bullies are men compared to 31% of women, and approximately 60% of men’s targets are women.”

Food for thought, though I’m not sure I could generalize my personal experiences. I do want to know what you think, and what your experience has been. Email me!

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