Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump News Program Is ‘State-Sponsored Propaganda’

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Stephen Colbert took much of his Friday night Late Show monologue to make fun of President Donald Trump’s news program.

“Trump has spent the last year telling us the mainstream media is ‘fake news.’ So now he’s finally fighting back, because President Trump has launched his own news program on his Facebook page. Now, that looks like state-sponsored propaganda,” Colbert said.

The program is hosted by Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who is married to his son Eric Trump. Even this connection couldn’t escape a jab from Colbert.

“Isn’t being married to Eric a full-time job?” Colbert commented.

Colbert added that the news program “has a refreshingly low level of production” and that the reports sound like they come directly from the President’s Twitter feed. However, Colbert couldn’t end his monologue without pointing out some similarities to his own show.

The late-night host pointed out that Lara Trump ended the broadcast by saying “that’s the real news.”

“If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because ‘real news’ is the thing we’ve been doing since Trump got elected where we make up news we think the President would like to see.”

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