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Guy’s Commitment to Photos With Ice Cream Is the Greatest Love Story Known to Man

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The greatest love of all is not a mother for her child or two spouses for each other, nor as Whitney Houston suggested, is it learning to love yourself. Instead, the greatest love is one man and his determination to document every single plastic ice cream cone.

Jason Wong spotted plastic ice cream cones outside various shops while he was on vacation in Japan and decided to document each and every one. “Japan is known for their style of quirky decorations and attractions … but I realized that no one is really talking about the ice cream cones,” Wong told radio station 1010 WINS. Wong set out on a mission to snap a photo with ever plastic ice cream cone he saw during his trip and posted the portraits to his Twitter account. When people realized the magnitude of the project and the depth of his love for taking photos with plastic ice cream cones, they started to follow along. Soon enough, Wong and his ice cream cone photography project were going viral.

While Wong’s ice cream cone portraiture has slowed down since he returned to the U.S., other ice cream enthusiasts have picked up the mantle. Soon plastic ice cream cone selfies will be the new planking, or something.



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