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Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Exclusive Interview’ With ‘Anthony Scaramucci’ Post-White House Exit

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Late night comedy hosts seemed shocked by Anthony Scaramucci’s ousting as White House communications director on Monday, and many tried to use up the many jokes they’d been writing before his short tenure came to an end.

“Anthony Scaramucci – The Mooch – who, 10 days ago, was named White House Communications Director, today is out of a job,” Jimmy Kimmel, bewildered, told the audience on his ABC show.

Scaramucci left his White House role on Monday, the same day John Kelly started as President Trump’s new White House chief of staff. In his 10 days with Trump, Scaramucci was involved in the departures of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He got himself in trouble when he gave an angry, vulgar interview to The New Yorker last week.

“President Trump reportedly thought those comments were ‘inappropriate.’ And you know, say what you’d like about him, he is a very appropriate person,” Kimmel joked.

The ABC host then joked he scored the first“exclusive interview” with Scaramucci since his firing. Because The Mooch follows Kimmel on Twitter, the host said, he got the now-ex White House communications director on the phone. The call was almost entirely bleeped due to profanity and included crude remarks about Scaramucci’s firing, in a nod to his New Yorker interview.

Kimmel added that in addition to the White House staffing changes, Trump has had a tough time recently thanks to the death of the Republicans’ health care plan and a controversy over missiles in North Korea. “Weirdly, I don’t feel tired from all the winning yet, I really don’t,” he quipped.

Now that Scaramucci is gone, Kimmel speculated Trump might need to replace some other members of his inner circle.

“It’s only a matter of time before Donald Trump replaces Ivanka with Tiffany,” the host said.

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