July 21, 2017 9:52 AM EDT

Charlize Theron‘s got the moves both in Atomic Blonde, as a super awesome super-spy, and on the dance floor. The Oscar winner accepted Jimmy Fallon’s Dance Battle challenge on The Tonight Show Thursday night and dazzled the audience with her performance — and she did it all in high heels, to Fallon’s amazement.

The first phrase given to Theron from the dance move generator was “Slap the Giraffe,” which was a bit confounding. But the actress straight-up owned the next round with her personalized take on “The Tennis Pro.” By the time the double-dance round came about with “Double Kayak,” she was grooving on the floor with Fallon.

“I call back,” Fallon joked when they had to get into position.

It’s not surprising that the late-night host wants to be Theron’s Bond Girl, since her Atomic Blonde character, Lorraine Broughton, is getting comparisons to a female 007. “I would be Dickie Galore,” Fallon suggested.

The film follows MI6’s most lethal assassin, sent on a mission to Berlin to retrieve a priceless dossier. “I live off cigarettes and vodka,” Theron laughed about her character.

She explained, “We were actively looking for something very specific to do this, something where a female protagonist could live in a world and play by the same rules that men get to play by, and so those are hard to find.”

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