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‘It’s disbelief that I can reach such heights.’

Roger Federer, 35-year-old tennis star, reacting to his record eighth Wimbledon men’s singles title after becoming on July 16 the oldest man to win the tournament’s championship in the Open era


Number of years for which a $5.25 million self-powered boat plans to travel around the world; converted from an open-sea sailing racing vessel by the group Energy Observer, the boat will rely on solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel-cell system


Number of years Australian Senator Scott Ludlam served before recently realizing he wasn’t qualified to serve in the first place, because he’s a dual citizen of New Zealand; he’d been elected three times


Name of the newfound star that University of Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy believes to be the smallest ever discovered; it’s approximately 2,000 to 3,000 times dimmer than Earth’s sun

‘We’ll first rip the heads off of these traitors.’

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, condemning terrorists and plotters at a July 15 rally marking the one-year anniversary of an unsuccessful military coup against his government; more than 240 were killed and 2,000 were injured in the 2016 attempt


Production of the plant used to make cocaine is up an unprecedented 50% in Colombia




Nevada faced a shortage of newly legalized marijuana

‘Their stories have not often been told.’

Betsy Devos, U.S. Secretary of Education, defending college students accused of sexual assault on campus, following meetings with both them and victims, as well as higher-education officials; DeVos, who will evaluate the government’s policies on the matter, also said, “We can’t go back to the days when allegations were swept under the rug.”

‘They are a death sentence, plain and simple.’

Andrew McCabe, acting FBI Director, describing prescriptions for medically unnecessary opioids in a scam that led to the charging of 412 health care workers–including 56 physicians–with related crimes that collectively defrauded the government of $1.3 billion

‘There’s no separation of powers, no freedom of expression.’

Isabel Santander, a 67-year-old retired auditor, explaining why she joined in a symbolic vote against President Nicolás Maduro’s plan to create a legislative body to rewrite the country’s constitution; opposition leaders say more than 7 million citizens participated in the July 16 referendum


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