The Bachelorette Recap, Season 13, Episode 7: Swiss Cheese

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This week on The Bachelorette — which takes places in the Swiss city of Geneva — Rachel Lindsay tells the many men still vying for the chance to slip a diamond ring on her finger that she is doing away with the Rose Ceremony. Instead, she told the men that there would be three dates and then one dreaded three-on-one date with a single rose to the winner.

Here’s what happened on episode 7 of season 13:

Bryan and Rachel Go Boating

Rachel likes to spoil her men, but she goes all out to treat Bryan right. They drive a Bentley to a watch store where Bryan tells the salesman,“I like black.” and Rachel smiles, “Oh really?” and then they make out in front of the poor salesman. They boat around Lake Geneva, sipping champagne. Rachel doesn’t understand why Bryan is single, so decides to grill him about it. He mumbles something about how his last girlfriend just wasn’t as perfect as Rachel and she falls for it. When she hands him the rose, they make out while musicians serenade them and pretend it’s not super awkward to watch two people make out.

Dean and Rachel Go On a Date. To Church

When Dean’s name is called, he admits that he doesn’t really want to bring Rachel home to his family, because he doesn’t have a great relationship with them and isn’t sure what to do about that. Luckily he has time for divine inspiration, because Rachel takes him to a Catholic mass in French as their date, which is pretty much the opposite of romance. Afterward, they wander the streets. Rachel wants to go deeper with him, but he just keeps cracking jokes, until, over fondue, he finally opens up about the fact that he doesn’t have a relationship with his dad, who has become “quite a bit more eccentric” since his mother passed away. He is worried that Rachel will judge his family as her future family. That burst of authenticity earns him a rose and a few kisses.

Peter and Rachel Climb Every Mountain

This season of The Bachelorette hasn’t had nearly enough helicopter rides, so Peter and Rachel are shunted up a mountain to sit on a glacier and dog sled their way to romance. They make out on the mountain and then head back indoors to have a proper conversation and chat about his family and past romances where it sounds like he ghosted some girl. Rachel makes appropriately sad puppy eyes about the fate of this poor girl and then invites herself to Peter’s house for dinner by giving him a rose.

The Dreaded Three-on-One

Rachel takes Eric and two guys she has never gone on a date with on a boat ride across international waters, because they are essentially on a three-on-one date and there’s gonna be a blood bath. After a treacherous boat crossing, Rachel quickly decides to send Matt home. He bids Rachel a fond farewell and takes his glass of champagne with him.

And then there were two: Eric and Adam. Adam plays the game well and tells Rachel all the things she wants to hear about how his family will love her, while Eric gets really real telling Rachel about his family’s long troubled history and how he has never once brought a girl home. Rachel ends up opting to visit Eric’s home town, because at least she actually went on a date with the guy and it would be pretty awkward to meet someone’s mom when you’ve never gone on a single date with them.

Next week: Home town dates!

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