June 22, 2017


Rita Casey, an HR consultant in Greenbrae, Calif., said she thought Katy Steinmetz and Matt Vella’s June 26 cover story on the upheaval at Uber was “well-informed,” but that it was naive to say executives could “hold themselves accountable” for doing the right thing. The solution to problems like Uber’s, she argues, must be corporate reform “with teeth.” Kris Sowolla of Los Gatos, Calif., a self-described “white male who made a nice living in the Silicon Valley,” said the reporting on Uber’s homogeneous company culture saddened him: “For all the smarts the tech industry has, I can think of nothing dumber than not embracing the intelligent resources offered by women and minorities.”


Madeleine Boucher, a former professor of biblical studies at Fordham University, a Jesuit institution, wrote that Elizabeth Dias’ June 19 feature on millennials joining the Catholic priesthood was “excellent, but reflects the church’s failure to address the real issues,” like its treatment of LGBTQ people. If a newly progressive church can be summed up by a priest’s feeling comfortable “sporting a goofy mustache,” she wrote, “there is not much prospect of truly significant change.” Barbara Orze of Chicago wanted to know more about the younger priests’ views on the role of women in the church–“one of the big reasons” why she had given up Catholicism, she noted–while Nick Hoesl of Cincinnati wondered the same about birth control, another divisive issue.


Wildlife photography is about more than capturing stunning moments–or so says Michael “Nick” Nichols, who snapped the owl above in California. In a new biography, A Wild Life (Aperture), the veteran photographer makes the case that such images have a unique power to aid conservation efforts because they “hit you emotionally.” See more of his work on time.com/lightbox


A new animated video from TIME traces the true story of a young blind man from Syria as he gets asylum in the U.S. and goes from homelessness in New York City to college in San Francisco, with help from Good Samaritans along the way. See the documentary and read the accompanying story at time.com/asylum-story

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