June 21, 2017 2:42 PM EDT

The internet is now imagining what human civilization look like in the year 3017 — a full thousand years in the future.

The internet has some creative ideas, thanks to the contributions of a number of forward-thinking heroes whose innovative life hacks have left us present-day-dwellers far, far behind. From bold, tech-savvy business cards to unexpected uses of a toaster, these fellow humans have leveled up in ways that the rest of us can only imagine, leaving internet denizens impressed — and certain that their creativity speaks to a future, evolved version of humanity in which food is consumed with efficiency, screens are made use of to their true maximum potential, stores understand the pitfalls of the dressing room. And then there’s the cyclist with the truly unexpected speed hack, and the teen with the sneaky way of avoiding parental oversight.

Check out some of the best ideas of what life will be like in 3017, below.

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