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The Internet Thinks Taylor Swift Has a Secret Appearance in the New Selena Gomez Video

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Rev up your engines, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez fans, because here’s some news you can use: internet sleuths are certain they’ve uncovered a secret cameo from Swift in Gomez’s latest music video for “Bad Liar.”

The video, released on Wednesday, follows a teenaged Gomez as she spends her day at high school. She also plays the roles of schoolteacher, gym teacher, and her own mother, with a twisted plot to tie it all together. But fans are especially excited about one potential Easter egg that pops up when she returns home at the end of the day, hidden in the 70s-era decor of her bedroom: a Charlie’s Angels poster bedecking her wall.

While the poster seems par for the course given the movie’s frame of reference, eagle-eyed movie detectives are zeroing in on the uncanny similarity between one blonde-haired face on the poster and Gomez’s real-life friend Swift. The two of them haven’t been spotted together in public in a while. But fans are taking this potential nod to their relationship and running with it, hyping up the spot on Twitter.

Then again, this might just be fans projecting fantasies onto the blurry background image. After all, Swift does share a passing resemblance to Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett, whose face appears front and center on most posters of the trio of crime-fighting heroines. Looks like this is one theory that will be hard to prove either way.

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