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Here’s How Much You Should Give as a Wedding Gift in Every State

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Wedding season is in full swing, which means that wedding gift season is also underway. You might be questioning exactly how much you should be spending on a gift—especially if the wedding you’re attending (and traveling to!) is just one of many you’ll attend from now until October. Well, Tendr, a site that helps guests send cash gifts in a more thoughtful way, released some helpful information that zeroes in on the average cost of wedding gifts in the United States.

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The data for the analysis was collected from transactions using Tendr during last year’s wedding season. Tendr found that, in 2016, the average gift in the nation was $160—but that that number varied greatly from state to state. For example, those attending an Arkansas wedding tended to give a modest $73, the lowest in the nation, while those attending a Vermont wedding were more likely to fork over the most—a whopping $245.

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Tendr also found that value of gifts varied due to the season. People were most generous in the summer, when the national average rose to $174. Couples who wed in August received the most valuable gifts, when the national average peaked at $183. Guests were likely to give $147 for winter weddings, $157 for those in the spring, and $155 for fall weddings.

If this seems more than what works in your budget, don’t worry—Tendr stresses that this number is just what it has found to be the most common gift amount. They stress that you should consider how close you are to the couple and your budget before deciding on a gift. And, most importantly, it’s the thought that counts!

See the state-by-state breakdown below, and the full infographic on Tendr’s blog.

Alabama: $101
Alaska: $150
Arizona: $115
Arkansas: $73
California: $150
Colorado: $141
Connecticut: $200
Delaware: $184
Florida: $176
Georgia: $133
Hawaii: $146
Idaho: $95
Illinois: $190
Indiana: $86
Iowa: $148
Kansas: $97
Kentucky: $143
Louisiana: $101
Maine: $158
Maryland: $177
Massachusetts: $167
Michigan: $104
Minnesota: $101
Mississippi: $88
Missouri: $109
Montana: $138
Nebraska: $115
Nevada: $164
New Hampshire: $136
New Jersey: $198
New Mexico: $103
New York: $191
North Carolina: $109
North Dakota: $86
Ohio: $164
Oklahoma: $117
Oregon: $105
Pennsylvania: $171
Rhode Island: $235
South Carolina: $154
South Dakota: $142
Tennessee: $113
Texas: $142
Utah: $113
Vermont: $158­­
Virginia: $144
Washington: $139
West Virginia: $131­­­­­
Wisconsin: $110
Wyoming: $108

This article originally appeared on RealSimple.com

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