Viral Water Slide Man Is Already the King of Summer

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In the world of summer fun, some heroes stand out.

Take for example this Jamaica resort guest sliding down a water slide in a video that has fascinated the internet.

Traveler Morgan Evick posted a brief video of the man’s exceptionally smooth moves in the pool to Twitter Sunday, where it garnered more than 70,000 retweets and some hilarious captions as of Tuesday morning.

The clip features one nonchalant man with a very straightforward approach to water park amusements. The twisty slide pumps him out into the cool blue pool waters, and he just rides the wave all the way to the pool deck, where he lands firmly on his feet. The curtain-dropper: the self-assured parkgoer adjusts his wet shirt and applauds himself, signaling the ride was a success.

Out of all the sun-dappled people enjoying the amenities, it looks like no one is having a more relaxing vacation than he is.

Here’s the evidence that he is monarch of summer 2017.

He blew the internet away with his seamless ride.

Some users wanted to know the laws of physics that allowed this. Or was it a higher power?

Another posited he was a superhero of the big screen.

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