Orlando Bloom’s Son Thinks He’s a Superdad for an Understandable Reason

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Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the biggest film franchises in the world, but Orlando Bloom was hesitant to show the movie to his young son. When the six-year old entered school, though, Bloom decided it was time to introduce his day job to his son, before some older kid at school spoiled the big reveal. As Bloom explained to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s The Tonight Show, after Bloom’s son watched the first installment, he had some unexpected questions for his dad. “He loved it and then he was like, wait a second, how long can you hold your breath underwater for?” said Bloom, laughing. “I’m Super Dad!”

That’s not all that Bloom revealed on the show, when Fallon asked him about bleaching his hair recently, Bloom admitted that he had been inspired by his Lord of the Rings character Legolas, who he adorably refers to as “Leggy.” Fallon also got Bloom to admit that while he doesn’t have the flowing blonde wig that made …er, Leggy such a hit with the elves, he did keep his prosthetic ears from the film.

Watch below.

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