See What Type of House You Can Afford in Every City

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It’s a choice many home buyers face (from those buying their first home to those with saving for retirement in mind): the best location vs. the most space. Now, recent data from real estate website Zillow shows just how much space you’d be able to afford if you took your budget to a different city. Take Washington, D.C., where the median one-bedroom home costs $387,400. For that price, you could get a four-bedroom home in Nashville, Tenn. or Raleigh, N.C., according to Zillow.

Your money goes the farthest in Detroit, where $196,500 — the median price of a U.S. home in 2017 — would buy four four-bedroom homes. That same amount only buys a quarter of the median one-bedroom home in San Francisco — the most expensive metro area tracked by Zillow.

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The interactive is based on February 2017 data from Zillow, reflecting median home values for one, two, three and four-bedroom homes in 97 of the largest U.S. metro areas. Zillow’s median home values are based on millions of home sales and other user-submitted data points.

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