Put Down Your Coffee and Help Make This Gilmore Girls LEGO Set a Reality

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Gilmore Girls fans might be able to expect a new bundle of joy soon. No, not Rory’s future child, but a LEGO set straight out of Stars Hollow.

Local hero Rainer Zufall created a Gilmore Girls LEGO set and added it to the Lego Ideas crowdsouricing platform, where fans can create and vote on new LEGO sets. LEGO Ideas is how the world got LEGO versions of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who and how we almost got a LEGO version of the Golden Girls eating tiny LEGO cheesecake on the infamous lanai.

For the Gilmore Girls set, Zufall created a miniature version of Luke’s diner, including mismatched coffee mugs, an antique cash register, Lane serving up cups of coffee, and of course, a tiny “no cell phones” sign. All it needs to complete the image is a tiny Luke kicking out a tiny Taylor Doose for asking the citizens of Stars Hollow to sign a tiny petition. In Zufall’s vision, the potential Gilmore Girls LEGO set would include minifigs of Lorelai, Luke, Rory, Lane, Kirk, and Jess (what, no Dean or Logan??).

The set has already surpassed 6000 votes, meaning that LEGO is definitely paying attention. Head to LEGO Ideas now to vote and make this Gilmore Girls a reality while we wait to see if Netflix is bringing the show back for another season.

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