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This Yeti Cooler Costs $300 — And it’s Worth it

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That’s not a typo. The cooler I’m recommending to you costs $300, but stick with me. It’s worth it.

We have all been in this situation: It’s late in the afternoon on a baking hot day at the beach and the provisions you’ve stored in that $5 Styrofoam cooler are now swimming in tepid water. Leaving someone, probably you, to make a dash to the nearest drug store or bodega for more ice. Party foul.

You need a better cooler and the Yeti Hopper is a great shout.

Buy now: Yeti Hopper Flip, $280, Amazon.com

Like Subarus and Barbour jackets, Yeti has a certain cachet among the outdoor set. And like Subarus and Barbours, the reputation is justified.

Sure, every manufacturer of outdoor gear claims its kit is “rugged” (with varying degrees of truthiness) but the Hopper is nigh-on-indestructible.

Yeti calls the material they use “dryhide shell” and put a picture of a rhino next to it, so you know it’s really tough.

I’ve been using it pretty much every weekend for the past 6 months. It has gone to the mountains, in a fishing boat, to the beach, to Ohio, and there’s barely a mark on it.

Most importantly: it keeps stuff cool—really cool—and for a long time. Using Yeti’s own icepack, I’ve put in a 12 pack of cold brewskis (actually, it’s seltzer water more often than not) and pulled out a cold one more than 48 hours later.

I have the Hopper Flip 12 which will fit food and drinks for two for a day. If you’ve more people or are away longer, I’d go for the Hopper Two 20.

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