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Sure, a gift is always a nice gesture. But we happen to think (and we’re pretty sure your mom would agree!) no gift is complete without a card. Yes, you could go for any old card in the drugstore on your way over to Mom’s house. But let’s be honest: Are you really going to find just the right thing when the shelves are picked bare and you’re in a rush? Our money is on no. Rather than considering the card an afterthought, put as much time and effort into finding the right one as you would the main gift. We know: That seems like it would take a lot of time, and your schedule is already jam-packed. But think of it as the icing on the cake—your gift just wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touch. And truthfully, finding a great card doesn’t have to be hard. There are hundreds of online retailers with greetings that are far superior to what you’ll find in your local store. And if sappy isn’t your style, you’re in luck. Yes, you can find sweet, sentimental cards online. But you can also find silly and honest cards that will really catch her attention. There are so many to choose from, you’ll never be able to pick just one, which is why our editors have done the hard work for you. We browsed and scrolled until we were confident we’d found the best cards out there. Buy a few now—and save the rest for next year or even her birthday.

Favorite Parent Mother’s Day Card

This cheeky card only pretends to play favorites. At first glance Mom might think you’ve finally decided to come clean—to admit that she’s the winning parent. But upon closer glance, the card really keeps things fair—she’s one of your favorite parents.

To buy: $5.50,

High Five Mom Card

Why not use Mother’s Day as a sly way to compliment yourself too? This silly card gives mom credit for raising such a talented child (that’s you!). The card is blank inside you can write something a little more sentimental for her to read once she’s got the joke.

To buy: $4,

Mom vs. Dad Mother’s Day Card

If your mom seems to have the answer to everything(from the basic—what time is dinner?—to the more existential—how do I handle this delicate etiquette dilemma?), get her a card that really tells it like it is. This greeting makes it clear that your thankful for her… and her wealth of knowledge.

To buy: $4,

Best Mom Ever Card

If mom’s style is more understated, opt for a simple card with a gorgeous design and a straightforward message—she’s the best mom ever. The card is blank inside, so you can pen a more detailed and personalized message there.

To buy: $7,

I Got It From My Mama Card

Give her the ultimate compliment by letting mom know that you attribute everything from your good looks to your killer personality to her. This colorful card may be simple, but the message is powerful—you’re glad that you ended up just like her.

To buy: $5,

Sending Love From Greeting Card

If state lines prevent you from seeing mom in person on her special day, it’s even more important to send a heartfelt card. Personalize this card by filling in your own town and city, so that the special woman in your life knows exactly where all the extra love is coming from.

To buy: $6,

Mom I Love You Loads Card

There’s no denying how much you love your mom—and you’re pretty sure she knows it. But there’s no harm in telling her over and over again. This comical card plays with language to pairs the sweet sentiment with a motherly request for help with your laundry.

To buy: $4,

See the rest of the cards on Real Simple.

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