Kobe Bryant Did a Very Dramatic Reading of a Poem About Steve Urkel

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If you have been wondering what Kobe Bryant has been up to since retiring from the LA Lakers (and playing pranks with Ellen DeGeneres), he revealed the answer on The Tonight Show on Mondaywriting very dramatic poems about Steve Urkel.

Bryant stopped by the show to promote his new short film, Dear Basketball, and managed to lay to rest any doubts that he can handle drama on the screen as well as he could handle it on the basketball court. Bryant proved his acting chops with a very dramatic performance of a slam poem dedicated to every ’90s TV fan’s favorite nerd, Steve Urkel.

Clad in a black turtleneck (the true mark of a poet) and lit by a sole spotlight, Bryant delivered a heart-touching and dramatic ode to the Family Matters nerd and his transformation from “nottie to hottie” to win the heart of Laura Winslow. Bryant even managed to fit in Urkel’s catchphrase, “Did I do that?” because he has as much skill in a slam poetry reading as he ever did on the basketball court.

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