April 19, 2017 3:20 PM EDT

A small town in Canada has become a tourist destination thanks to a giant iceberg.

Ferryland, a tiny Newfoundland town of roughly 500 people, got a holiday surprise over Easter weekend when a massive block of ice appeared off-shore — overshadowing people, boats and even houses on land. The iceberg seems to have parked in the waters outside the town and, according to CTV News, visitors have started flocking to the area to witness the colossal floating chunk of ice and post photos on social media.

It’s not uncommon for Ferryland to witness icebergs floating by as the town has a perfect view of the so-called “iceberg alley.”

“It’s the biggest one I ever seen around here,” Ferryland Mayor Adrian Kavanagh told CTV.

North Atlantic shipping lanes have already witnessed 616 icebergs this year. Last year, 687 icebergs were spotted from the start of the year to September, according to CTV. Experts said the surge is due to unusually strong counter-clockwise winds, and perhaps the effects of global warming.

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