April 11, 2017 5:24 PM EDT

When you’re a celebrity, flying on a private jet comes with the gig. It’s the perfect way to avoid long TSA lines and being bombarded by fans. It’s also apparently the way to indulge in some diva-like behavior.

JetSmarter, an on-demand private jet booking app, has flown many of Hollywood’s elite, including Kim Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, Fergie, Jenny McCarthy, Daymond John and Ashley Benson.

For $10,000 a year the company provides its celebrity clientele with unlimited access to its inventory. And in addition to keeping the paparazzi at bay, the private plane company is willing to cater to special and unique requests. And boy do the stars take advantage.

According to JetSmarter, these are some of the most over-the-top requests they’ve ever received. You’ll have to guess the celebrity.

  • One celeb requested an entire plane to be packed with white Casablanca lilies.
  • Another requested to only stock the plane with Cool Ranch Doritos and Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry.
  • For one flight, all of the windows were covered to ensure no natural light came in, as the traveler required complete darkness.
  • There’s a celebrity who flies weekly cross country with a team of stylists and spends the entire time trying on outfits, doing alterations, and laying out clothes for the upcoming week.
  • A couple once took a flight to nowhere, paying nearly seven figures for a six-hour flight where they ended up in the same location where they started. They had a very expensive bottle of wine, mid-air spa treatments, expert skin care, and a manicure/pedicure. They brought a world class chef on board, and brought on one of the world’s most well-known opera singers to sing to them for an hour.
  • One celeb requested a private jet from New York City to South Florida — for their cell phone.
  • Another chartered a flight to ship Birkin Bags and clothes back to their hometown after a shopping spree.
  • On one flight, the only music played the entire flight was Liberace.
  • Expert dog trainers were brought on one flight.
  • Food tasters — to make sure the catering fit the celeb’s taste pallet — joined another flight.

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