15 Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

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You can get your mother flowers or a “world’s best mom” coffee mug on Mother’s Day, but let’s be honest — you can do better. And, frankly, better is what mom deserves.

So what should you get the mother who sacrificed so much to raise you? Tech might not come to mind immediately, but there are a wealth of gadgets that moms everywhere will love, from fitness trackers to high-tech hair dryers. Just remember to order in time: Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14 this year.

Oh, and husbands of moms? Pay attention here, because you’re not off the hook for a gift, either.

Pearl compact mirror ($30)

Pearl compact
Pearl compactPearl

Most moms have a compact mirror hidden somewhere in their purse. Why not get her one that will also charge her phone? Pearl’s $30 compact has both a normal and 3X magnified mirror (both with vanity ring lighting) as well as an on-board battery that can fast-charge a smartphone.

Buy now: Pearl compact mirror, $30, Amazon

HoMedics SP-100H Vibration Massage Pillow ($42)

HoMedics SP-100H
HoMedics SP-100HHoMedics

Yes, you should absolutely get mom a spa day for Mother’s Day. But the relaxation doesn’t have to end there. This $42 massage pillow will let mom ease her tired muscles at home after a hard day, with a circular kneading pattern or shiatsu massage. And the included heating element can make aches and pains disappear even faster.

Buy now: HoMedics Massage Pillow, $42, Amazon

SyncUP DRIVE ($48)

SyncUP Drive
SyncUP DriveT-Mobile

Moms tend to do lots of driving — and you never want them to be stranded, especially if they’re with the kids. This automotive plug-in module helps diagnose automotive issues, sending alerts to a cell phone (which can be shared with your mechanic.) It’ll also turn mom’s car into a Wi-Fi hotspot for the kids. It costs $48, but there’s also an additional $25 charge for a required SIM starter kit. (You’ll also need a T-Mobile data plan for the hotspot).

Buy now: SyncUP Drive, $48, T-Mobile

Rocksbox ($49 for 3 months)


Jewelry is a go-to gift for Mother’s Day, but it can be a challenge to pick the right piece or style. This online subscription services lets recipients try out rings, necklaces and earrings, and then either buy them or send them back to try something else. A three-month membership runs $49, or you can pay $149 for a year.

Buy now: $49 for three months, Rocksbox

Instant Pot ($99)

Instant Pot
Instant PotInstant Pot

Pressure cookers are tiny miracles for people constantly on the go. This $99 7-in-1 multi-function cooker not only makes fall-off-the-bone meats in half the time, it also serves as a rice cooker, a slow cooker and even a yogurt maker. Like the Anova sous vide cooker, this is a time saver that can help busy and working moms with the evening meal. (But dads, sons, and daughters, be sure to take on your share of the kitchen duties as well!)

Buy now: Instant Pot, $99, Amazon

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Aervana ($100)


Moms and wine are a natural combination, especially when the kids are especially loud and/or defiant. Aervana, priced at $100, helps force oxygen into red wine one glass at a time via a push button tap system that plugs onto the bottle. It lets mom pour the exact amount she wants, while keeping the rest of the bottle fresh for a longer period of time — or until the kids’ next meltdown.

Buy now: Aervana, $100, Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite ($120)

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle PaperwhiteAmazon

There’s an unmatched joy that comes with curling up with a good book. And with Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, mom can have an entire library at her fingertips. (Along with free books, if she’s a Prime member.) There’s nothing wrong with the $80 basic Kindle, but the $120 Paperwhite has better on-screen resolution and a backlight that makes it easier to read in different lighting conditions.

Buy now: Kindle Paperwhite, $120, Amazon

Fitbit Alta ($129)

Fitbit Alta
Fitbit AltaFitbit

If you’ve got a mom who loves to exercise, she might love a fitness tracker. The $129 Fitbit Alta will track activities and sleep, alert the wearer to calls, texts and calendar appointments and (natch) monitor their daily steps. It also boasts interchangeable bands, so mom won’t be stuck wearing a bulky black gadget on her arm all the time. (The new, slightly more expensive Fitbit Alta HR also tracks heart rate).

Buy now: Fitbit Alta, $129, Amazon

Anova Precision Cooker ($147)

Anova Precision Cooker
Anova Precision CookerAnova

If mom does any of your family’s cooking, this handy sous vide device can cut down her time in the kitchen. Priced at $147, the Anova Precision Cooker heats a pot of water to a pre-set temperature which then cooks food that’s vacuum-sealed into a plastic pouch, resulting in a perfect steak, lobster or, well, anything, practically every time.

Buy now: Anova Precision Cooker, $147, Amazon

Nox Music Smart Sleep Light ($149)

Nox Smart Sleep Light
Nox Smart Sleep LightNox

If, despite her exhausting days, mom has trouble falling asleep at night, this $149 device makes that easier via a light that produces red wavelengths, which Nox says will raise melatonin levels. It also acts as a sound machine, with gently lapping waves to help her drift off.

Buy now: Nox Smart Sleep Light, $149, Amazon

Nest Thermostat ($249)

Nest thermostat
Nest thermostatNest

Mom has plenty to worry about without having to stress about the electric bill, too. The $249 Nest thermostat keeps the house comfortable when someone’s home, while also learning your family’s habits and adjusting the temperature while everyone is out and about. The new model also works with Amazon’s Alexa technology, providing voice control of your house’s heating and air conditioning systems.

Buy now: Nest Thermostat, $249, Amazon

BlueSmart Suitcase ($390)


Travel is stressful, but this $390 BlueSmart smart suitcase can make it less so. It boasts external charging ports for up to six phones or tablets. It can be remotely locked via any smartphone. And, should it go missing, owners can track it anywhere in the world thanks to built-in GPS technology.

Buy now: BlueSmart suitcase, $390, Amazon

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($400)

Dyson Supersonic
Dyson SupersonicDyson

Not all hair dryers are created equal: One might provide flowing locks, while another is a one-way trip to frizz city. If mom’s having trouble finding the right model, the $400 Supersonic Hair Dryer from well-known household appliance company Dyson uses technology from the aviation industry to gently dry hair, resulting in less damage than traditional models.

Buy now: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $400, Bed Bath & Beyond

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Viio Mirror ($400+)

Viio mirror
Viio mirrorViio

Bathrooms tend to get cluttered quickly. And most moms hate clutter. The Viio mirror (available in three sizes, ranging from $400-$695) is completely wireless, but has an LED light border and on-board Bluetooth stereo connectivity, letting mom do everything from listen to music as she relaxes in the tub to join an important conference call as she gets ready for the day.

Buy now: Viio mirror, $400+, Viio

MacBook Air ($999+)

MacBook Air
MacBook AirApple

Moms end up sharing almost everything with their kids and spouses, even when they don’t want to. Let her have some electronic privacy by giving her a MacBook Air that’s entirely hers. Starting at $999, it’s light, it has a ridiculously powerful battery, and lets her both play and work hard.

Buy now: MacBook Air, $999+, Apple

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