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Watch This Sneaky Little Girl Casually Steal the Pope’s Hat

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The beneficent Pope Francis was in for a surprise while distributing his blessings to a crowd of well-wishers outside the Vatican on Wednesday. When he went to bestow a kiss on a girl being held up for his papal attention, the mischievous child decided that his slim white hat, a traditional skullcap called the zucchetto, was of utmost importance to her—and promptly snatched it off his head. To his benefit, the good-natured Holy Father laughed riotously at the girl’s misstep, took his zucchetto back, and resumed his duties with a grin.

But this little girl is going to have a hard time living down her sneaky behavior. She’s been identified as three-year-old Estella Westrick, a visitor from Atlanta, GA, in Rome with her parents to see her godfather. According to her godfather, she was “a little nervous” right before being held up for the Pope’s blessing by a Vatican aide.

“It was hilarious, everyone was laughing, including the Pope,” he told CNN of her surprise heist. “It’s her first full day in Rome; who knows what she will get up to tomorrow.”

As for that zucchetto? The ceremonial head covering is an important piece of the clerical uniform—and only the Pope is allowed to wear the white version.

Watch the video above.

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