March 21, 2017 12:54 PM EDT

For his latest skit, Late Late Show host James Corden continued with his musical tendencies and tapped bona fide Broadway talents Tim Minchin (the composer of Matilda the Musical and upcoming show Groundhog Day), Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen actor), and Abigail Spencer (Timeless star) to perform together in a parody they’re aptly calling Donald: The Musical.

Set to the catchy tune of Matilda‘s “When I Grow Up,” the four actors pose as campy, youthful versions of Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway as they dream of their divisive political futures while hanging out on a swing set. (It’s an uncanny reenactment of the Matilda stage set-up, even down to the costumes.)

“When I grow up, I will be president and build big walls, ban Muslims…” Minchin-as-Trump sings with fervor. He continued: “I will eliminate Obamacare, replace it with, well, I don’t care. If you choose to be sick, you should just suck it up.”

“When I grow up, if the facts don’t suit my narrative, I’ll just believe alternatives! ‘Cause otherwise, my brain will blow up,” Spencer-as-Conway offers.

Watch above as the foursome proves musical theater can tackle all topics.

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