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This Office Hero Cooked a Whole Gourmet Meal at Her Desk

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As you sit at your desk absentmindedly munching on a sad chopped salad, consider this intrepid woman who cooked a full-blown gourmet meal at her desk after constructing a DIY stove made out of a soda can, some office odds and ends, and some good ol’ fashioned ingenuity.

In a YouTube video from a channel whose name translates in English to “Office Ono,” this resourceful woman redefines what desk lunch goals are as she not only builds her own makeshift stove, but proceeds to hand-roll noodles, cook them with broth, meat, and veggies, and enjoy her meal wholeheartedly. Rest assured that this is not some Cup O’ Noodles feat, but something more akin to what you might see on an episode of Chopped or Iron Chef.

What might be even more impressive than this innovative chef is the fact that none of her office co-workers batted an eyelash at the culinary miracle taking place mere desks away from their own. No envy, no awe, just measured indifference, even when this office hero offered one of them a piece of chicken that she had roasted on a skewer over the flame of her tiny soda can stove.

Watch this woman’s greatness in action below.

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